Silk Market

06 Sep

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Went to the Silk Market today with Alex to learn the subway system and how to get around. The directions were easy enough to understand and English was also written along with various maps to help you figure it out. I was introduced to the shops Alex had good bargains with and given a crash course on how to haggle. Most things quickly went from asking prices of $1,000 Yuan ($154 Canadian) down to selling prices of around $100-$200 Yuan ($15-$30 Canadian). Today i went light and only spent around $250 Yuan and picked up some children chop stick trainers that have a rubber topper to make it easier to hold. I also got a very nice folding chess set and a “TokiDoki” designer bag for $50 Yuan ($7.72 CDN) that normally sell for $200+ from a regular store. I will definately be spending some more time here over the next few weeks but it is easy to spend money when asking prices drop so low when you haggle it can be hard to pass over good deals for things you don’t really need.

After the market we stopped by the McDonalds and it was a snazzy one that i will try to take a picture of next time. Very sleek and modern red decor. I got a spicy chicken sandwich that was pretty hefty and the fries tasted the same as back home to me. It was busy though and random people just sleeping at the tables. As this is next to the Silk Market and is a large tourist attraction we had a very persistent women trying to sell us watches and socks from her bag at our table while trying to eat.  This is only day 2 so i still have manners and politely decline but constant bombardments of sales pitches and grabbing your hands / bags / arms to stop you from walking past their booth will probably wear on me before long.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings but i definately want to get some more pictures to upload.

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