Loong Palace Hotel and Resort

08 Sep

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Today I was solo as Alex was doing his trip to the Great Wall. The hotel is very large and is partnered with a few others in a strip so they share some amenities. There are 9 restaurants and lounges, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor pool, bowling alley, 2 massage spa’s, and a cinema. I made an attempt to walk around and find these but it wound up in wandering around hallways until i found one of them. I managed to find most of the areas and wandered around the gardens. I will have to go back on the weekend to see if i can get pictures of the fountains once the water is on. The lounges have live music after 6pm  which is when i go to work 😦 the weekends also host a BBQ buffet in the gardens with all you can eat food and local beer. The more comfortable i get with communicating with people and learn more words it will be easier to figure out what the hotel offers.  Last night when i came home from work there was a birthday cake on my table with candles and matches waiting for me. Alex mentioned to the desk that it was my birthday so that was a nice surprise since I’ve been eating cake with every meal. I had the Teryaki burger for lunch today which was decent. The “burger” was just a thick grilled piece of chicken but the sauce was good. Tomorrow Alex is flying out so we’ll meet up for lunch before he goes and I can get the scoop on his trip to the Great Wall so I can start to plan mine.

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Posted by on September 8, 2011 in Loong Palace


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