The Summer Palace

19 Sep

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Not listening to my legs after a full day at the zoo I decided to go see the tourist hot spot of the Summer Palace. The area served as a historic summer resort for leaders. There are more temples and pagodas than you can shake a stick at here! On the walk from the subway station i stopped in for some Starbucks after passing by KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and 7-11. They definitely know a great deal of westerners come here. Admission was around $4 but a few of the galleries and special temples cost an addition $1-3. The layout is a large U shape around a lake which you can rent small electric boats to drive around and cross over to the various sides. There was plenty to admire and take pictures of here. The historic value is lost if you do not hire a guide service but then you can’t cover as much ground.  I picked up a few traditional souvenirs while i was here and got my cardio done for the day for sure. I now have 3 more weekends that i will be available before i head back home. On my to-do list still is Tienanmen square and its surroundings, possibly Ikea, another trip to the Silk Market and Tim’s Texas Barbeque.

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