Wangfujing – Snack Street

12 Oct

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This week my replacement arrived so I have been busy showing him the around and starting the handover process. We started off on Tuesday with a trip to the Silk Market as an introduction to bargaining and the sometimes hectic shopping experiences here. It is near impossible to go there without spending money but it’s always fun. Today we met a co-worker for lunch at the famous Quanjude restaurant widely known for its peking duck. “Quanjude was established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of the Tongzhi Emperor. Although Peking Duck can trace its history many centuries back, Quanjude’s heritage of roast duck preparation – using open ovens and non-smoky hardwood fuel such as Chinese date, peach, or pear to add a subtle fruity flavor with a golden crisp to the skin – was originally reserved for the imperial families.”  We were served a large meal of Peking duck, duck liver, duck feet, terryaki steak and local Yanjin beer. The food was all excellent (save for duck feet as the texture through me off). After finishing with full bellies we wandered over to the nearby Wangfujing snack street section filled with food vendors serving very exotic snacks. You could take your pick of scorpions, spiders, seahorses, star fish, silk worms and grass hoppers  all still alive on a stick. If you are brave enough to pick one the cook will then coat and deep fry the critter for you to eat. This is a popular spot for tourists to take pictures and dare each other to take a bite. Thankfully i was already full so I took a pass. Tomorrow we will make another day trip and then the Great Wall on Friday hopefully.

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